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Thanks to my passion for art and design, I founded  Label201, a contemporary art space, based in Rome, that run the development of art and culture organizing exhibitions and performance.

Key points of the association are the interaction between the arts practices and the promotion of emerging artists, national and international.

Label201 has collaborated with istitutions and associations, such as the Quebec Delegation in Rome, Canadian Embassy (Rome), American Academy in Rome, OCA Office of Contemporary Art of Norway (Oslo), Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age (Brescia, It), Spain Embassy (Rome), Cittadellarte – Pistoletto Foundation, Open City Rome Association.

main activities: art direction, exhibition producer, art promoter 

Sedimento – Stefano Canto

Installation view – 20 November 2017

curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici

for Creature Festival – promoted by Open City Rome – Contemporaneamente Roma



My time machine is burning. (Is there a life after capitalism?) – 6 – 26 Maggio 2017

Marco Mendeni curated by Elena Giulia Abbiatici




curated by Abbiatici_Levy


4 December 2015 – 29 Genuary 2016

sponsorship: Czech Center Milano – Creative Europe




DIRE QUASI LA STESSA COSA, 16 April – 23 May 2013.

Carl Trahan, AfterAll, Oystein Wyller Odden.

Sponsorship: Quebec Delegation in Rome, OCA Office of Contemporary Art of Norway